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How Vodafone’s ‘Windows Hosting’ platform is ‘more than just a website’

How Vodafone’s ‘Windows Hosting’ platform is ‘more than just a website’

Vodacom has announced a partnership with Harvest Hosting, an online hosting company that is a part of its own Windows Hosting service.

The two companies have teamed up to create the new Windows Hosted service which allows Vodax customers to set up their own virtual desktop, and run Windows applications on their own home computers.

The company says this is the first time a commercial partner has signed up for this feature.

“Windows Hosted is a completely new way of working with your Vodak desktop that’s a step above traditional hosting services.

It’s not just a server, it’s a fully-featured virtual desktop which allows you to manage and manage all your apps on your Windows computer,” Vodavacom CEO Eamonn Byrne said.”

As a Vodamix customer, we’re excited to be able to offer you Windows Host in our new offering.”

With Windows Host, you’ll be able manage all the apps and applications on your Vudu PC with a single click and get full access to the internet from anywhere in the world.

This is a big deal for Vodas customers because we’ve been able to expand our desktop platform for the past three years with Windows Host.

“The two businesses say the new offering will enable Vodapoint customers to connect directly to the Windows desktop, which is not possible with Vodacon, a free alternative.

The Windows Host feature will allow Vodacoins customers to install their own desktop on their Vodastore.com account, and can be used to download apps from the internet and share files from their Vudavault account.

Byrne says the service will be available from August.