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NFL owners decide on final three-team playoff format

NFL owners decide on final three-team playoff format

The NFL has settled on a three-division playoff structure for the next three seasons and it’s likely to change as soon as the season starts, according to an NFL source.

The source said Thursday that the owners are likely to decide on a playoff structure by the end of the month.

The NFL is a two-division league, meaning that the teams in each division play the rest of the season in the regular season.

The league currently has two teams in the NFC East and two teams on the outside of the NFC West.

The league is also expected to expand its playoffs to 16 teams.

It currently has 16 teams, with the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons set to join the pack in 2018.

The owners will likely vote to expand to 16 playoff teams in 2018, according the source.

A few years ago, the league was considering expanding to eight teams.