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How to catch catfish in your backyard

How to catch catfish in your backyard

You’ve heard catfish jokes, but you probably didn’t realize how many are still out there in the wild.

Cats and other large, fishy animals can be a threat to people’s health.

Catfish can be caught by setting bait near a water body or by swimming near a fish tank, and the fish can survive if they’re exposed to the salt water.

Catfishes aren’t native to the United States, but they’re common in many parts of Asia and the Caribbean.

They’ve also been seen around the world, including in Canada, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Catfingers, a catch-and-release program that allows catfish to be released from the aquarium, can be the only way to get them out of the water.

If you don’t catch them yourself, you can use a trap to catch the fish and bring them to the aquarium.

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