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How to use the new AEON AEON server hosting service

How to use the new AEON AEON server hosting service

Aeon is a cloud platform that is built on top of OpenStack and has many features that allow it to host and run applications in the cloud.

AEON is the name of the open source project that provides the core infrastructure and the runtime that power the platform.

The company has been working on AEON for some time now, and has announced that it will release a beta version of the service on the public market on January 30.

The AEON beta will be available in both the public and private cloud.

It will be released with a number of new features, including a more secure login system, support for encrypted storage, and support for image hosting and image search.

It’s also available as an alpha version, and the AEON team has already published an official blog post that describes the changes and how users can install and use the beta.

We are proud to announce the availability of AEON Beta 3 on the OpenStack OpenStack Public Cloud.

With the new beta, we have made the transition to using the new OpenStack API and we have also made significant improvements to the AEOS service.

For the past few months, AEOS has been experiencing significant downtime, and AEON was able to provide some relief by deploying a new version of AEOS that was much more robust.

We have also worked to improve the user experience.

The new AEOS beta offers a more reliable login system that can provide the best experience for users and improves security for AEOS users.

The beta also includes the new AES-NI AES encryption technology and a number more new features.

We are also making some important improvements to our AEOS APIs, including improvements to support for encryption of images.

AEOS will now be available as a service on OpenStack’s OpenStack Server Marketplace, which allows anyone to buy and use AEOS on the open platform.