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Why is the world’s biggest loser host now taking over the 700 Club

Why is the world’s biggest loser host now taking over the 700 Club

Biggest loser hosts are now taking control of the 700 club, it has been revealed.

In a new development, hostas Biggest Loser host, host Andrew Dyer, has stepped down as the host of the show after almost three years on the job.

Andrew Dyer will take over as host of The 700 Club for a limited time.

The move comes after host Andrew Miller, who was appointed host last year, said he wanted to step down.

“I’m very proud of my record,” Mr Dyer said.

However, he said he was not leaving the 700 clubs after this term, and would continue to serve as a commentator on the show.

Dyer says he will continue to comment on the 700s programming.

Hosts from other clubs have stepped up to host the show, including host John Cianci, who said he hoped to be able to host another series of The 600 Club.

“I think it would be great to host it again,” Mr Cianchi said.

“It’s such a shame that the 700 is in such disarray that the 600s show is being taken over by this guy.

He’s doing his bit to try and put it back together, but I think that’s a bad idea.”

You can’t get it back to where it used to be.

“Host John Cisti said he hopes to continue hosting the 700 on his own.

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