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Why is a local startup hosting some of America’s most popular blogs? Hosted by Trump loyalists

Why is a local startup hosting some of America’s most popular blogs? Hosted by Trump loyalists

A local startup is hosting some major Trump loyalist blogs in its new “GMA” hosting.

The startup, GoDaddy, has partnered with Trump loyalism sites to host the websites and other online content.

GoDaddy also hosts Breitbart News, the Gateway Pundit, and other conservative news outlets, according to the website GoDaddy.com.

Go Daddy’s website is now available on the web, but GoDaddy did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

The sites are hosted by GoDaddy’s affiliate, Media Matters for America, which is a political advocacy group founded by former Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.

Breitbart News is a right-wing news outlet run by Breitbart News’ executive chairman, Stephen Bannon.

GoDaad is owned by the Trump family.

The company’s website features images of former President Donald Trump with the words “Make America Great Again” in red font.

It says GoDaddy is a “leader in hosting and monetizing content” for conservative sites.

It has more than 40 million monthly active users, according the company’s most recent quarterly financial report.

The site hosts some of the most popular conservative websites, including Breitbart News and Breitbart.com, as well as a number of smaller sites, including American Renaissance, The Right Stuff, and Red State.

“It’s no surprise that GoDaddy would choose to partner with the Trump loyalies,” said Chris Hughes, managing director of political and media analysis at political analytics firm Ipsos Public Affairs.

“GoDaddy is known for its conservative views and political activism, and it’s no secret that they have some of President Trump’s most ardent fans.”

Hughes said GoDaddy could have chosen to partner more closely with sites that host liberal political viewpoints.

“A lot of them, like Breitbart, are really big on liberal politics, and they’ve built a strong relationship with the President,” Hughes said.

“The fact that they’re partnering with Trump in the same way they’re partnered with Bannon, which gives them a lot of political credibility, I think speaks volumes.”

The Trump family is also part of the Trump Institute, a political think tank that has ties to the President.

The Trump Institute hosts conservative-oriented speakers on topics ranging from the economy and immigration to national security, Hughes said, adding that the Trump Foundation has given GoDaddy a large amount of money in the past.

“They’re very loyal to the Trump organization and are very supportive of the President’s agenda,” Hughes told Breitbart News in an email.

“I think this gives them an opportunity to be seen as a partner of the administration.”

The site’s content has attracted the attention of the conservative media and conservative politicians, including former President Joe Biden, former Vice President Joe Hagel, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R, Tenn.

Former President Donald J. Trump and his family have received donations from the President and his son Donald Jr., according to FEC records.

GoDads financials showed it has received a total of $16.3 million from Trump’s personal foundations and the Trump administration since 2016, including a total donation of $3.2 million in 2016 alone.

Hughes said he has not seen a formal request for donations from Trump from GoDaddy or the Trump foundation, but that “some donors have expressed interest in helping GoDaddy get back on track.”

“The President’s personal foundation, which has a number that could be a big contributor to GoDaddy in terms of funding for the site, is an issue that goes to the heart of the business,” Hughes added.

“But, if there’s a donation, we’re certainly open to that.”

Hughes, who previously worked as a research director for the Center for Responsive Politics and was the founder of the Conservative Political Action Conference, said he’s not surprised that Go Daddy would partner with Trump.

“This is a major media company that’s been a major donor to Trump, and Trump’s supporters have been supportive of this company,” Hughes noted.

“That’s part of their culture.”

The partnership between GoDaddy and Trump was first reported by Business Insider.