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Why did Fox host James Corden and his wife host a weekend update?

Why did Fox host James Corden and his wife host a weekend update?

Host James Cordan and his fiancée Heather Breslin are planning a family reunion this weekend after spending two months together on the show.

The former CBS host said he and his longtime partner, Heather Breshlin, were thrilled to be reunited with their daughter, Ella, in their first weekend on the road together.

“It’s such a magical thing to be able to come back together after all these years, especially as you’re so young and just getting started in life, ” Corden told Entertainment Weekly.

“This is such a huge milestone for our family.

It’s just such a great thing to do.

We can’t wait to go on the honeymoon!”

Corden said that he and Breshlins have already planned a trip to Hawaii for Ella and their two kids, which they’re already planning to do as soon as Ella turns 4 in May.

“The plan is to go back to Hawaii, go fishing and go to Disney World together,” Corden added.

“And I’ll probably get her a little something to eat.

That’ll be my main goal.”

Corden’s wife is also excited about the reunion.

“We’re thrilled to see that we can be together again,” Heather Beshlin said.

“I think we have a great opportunity to make Ella feel special and happy, and that’s what she really needs right now.

And I’m just so proud of our daughter, I can’t imagine how proud she will be of us.”

Cordan said he’s been enjoying his time with his family.

“My life has been amazing, and I’ve just been really lucky,” he said.

Cordan also said he hasn’t had any major life changes since being away from the show for two years.

“Nothing’s changed.

I’m not going to say I’ve been a different person.

I have, but nothing’s changed,” Cordan added.

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