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When will you be seeing The Night Manager on Netflix?

When will you be seeing The Night Manager on Netflix?

This week on News24, the night manager was back in the spotlight with an announcement.

The Netflix show will finally be premiering on the streaming service this week.

According to a Twitter post from show creator/executive producer Neil Jordan, the series will premiere on Netflix on Sunday November 22nd.

The show is described as a thriller that follows the trials and tribulations of a man who must take on a new role and face the pressures of the modern world in the midst of his retirement.

Watch the trailer below:In the first episode of The Night, the protagonist is a retired NYPD detective who, after being falsely accused of murdering a friend, is thrown into a high-stakes murder investigation.

Jordan said that he was initially excited to debut the show on Netflix, as it was the only place he felt he could go with a show that he loved.

But after hearing so much positive feedback, he felt the show was worth taking a risk on.

Jordan said he decided to take it to the next level and make it a true crime thriller.

“I was hoping that people would see this as a crime thriller, but I also knew it would be a show about the way people are perceived by society and I wanted to make it so that people could see this for what it really is,” Jordan said.

“The Night Manager” was also nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and was named a finalist for a Golden Globe in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy/Musical Program category.

“As someone who loves crime thrillers, this was a show I felt I could have done with and would have loved to do again,” Jordan continued.

“I’ve always wanted to create a show where you really have to look at yourself and say ‘what would I have done differently?’

I love this show for that.

I loved this show so much that I’ve never looked back.”

Watch the preview of The Day We Met: The Night Man below:Jordan said he also hoped that the show would appeal to the younger audience as well.

“The thing about this show is it’s really about our relationship with each other.

We’re friends.

We have the same passions.

We know we could have more, but we know we can have more,” Jordan added.

Jordan was quick to say that he’s also looking forward to the series being released on Netflix.

“My hope is that we get to do the show again in the future and do another series,” Jordan concluded.

Watch The Night manager on Netflix below: