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Host Club, Lord of Hosts, Dies as He Was Hosted by Cheaters

Host Club, Lord of Hosts, Dies as He Was Hosted by Cheaters

Cheaters hosted the hosts of a popular online gaming tournament in the U.K., leaving the game’s owner behind and killing him, his company said Thursday.

Cheaters hosted one of the biggest online gaming tournaments in the world, the GameOver London tournament, the company said.

Host Club said it had been monitoring the situation since it began hosting the tournament in August.

It took its players two days to complete the challenge, which involved playing online games with an unlimited number of participants and a “cheater” who had taken part in the online game, the group said in a statement.

The game’s owners had been paying cheaters $300 per month to join the tournament, Host Club said, and cheaters had tried to disrupt the tournament and its events.

In the last two weeks, cheaters repeatedly tried to access the tournament to disrupt its events, host company Host Club told CNBC.

Players from around the world were invited to join a “cheat-free” tournament hosted by host club.

On Tuesday, host club said the tournament had been suspended.

The company had been contacted by CheaterHost Club in August, which had claimed to be hosting the tournaments.

“Host Club is fully aware of the situation, and will be investigating the situation and taking appropriate action as soon as it is clear the situation is under control,” host club added.

Cricket’s official Twitter account reported that the World Cricket League was working with host club to investigate the matter.

A spokesman for the World Professional Cricketers’ Association told CNBC that the league is “deeply disappointed” by the news and is working with Host Club to ensure a full and transparent investigation.

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