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How Snapchat is making the world a better place with a selfie, but the world is watching – interview with the man behind it

How Snapchat is making the world a better place with a selfie, but the world is watching – interview with the man behind it

On Monday, Snap Inc. will release a photo- and video-sharing app, SnapChat.

The company, which was founded by Evan Spiegel, wants to create a way for people to share content and share their lives, as well as to connect people in new ways.

The app, which is launching with a launch event in New York on March 11, is a snapchat clone of Snapchat, which has about 3 billion active users around the world.

And it’s all coming from the mind of Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.

Spiegel is known for his early insights into the potential of social media and for building a company with a vision that can be replicated, and copied, by many others.

This is what he’s been talking about for more than three years now.

The first thing that struck me was, what’s the best way to share an image?

Spiegel has spent most of his career building products that are meant to be shared.

I think there’s a fundamental question of, How do we create a product that is shared, and it’s shared by others in ways that are meaningful to them, and in ways they care about?

And I think it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens when SnapChat is used for the sharing of other people’s images.

I mean, what I love about SnapChat and why I think the app has a lot of potential is it’s a very simple, accessible interface.

And that simplicity is what I like about it.

The other thing that’s really interesting is it is built around a simple set of rules.

If you tap the image, it says, I’m sharing this image.

If it’s in the conversation, you see the conversation going on in the chat.

If someone wants to share something else, you can swipe through their conversation.

And you’re not required to do anything.

That’s one of the things I really like about the interface.

If there’s someone who’s talking about something that’s relevant to you, and you want to share, you just swipe the icon and tap it.

You can share your image in any format you want.

And I feel like that simplicity makes it an incredibly easy way to get people to say, “I want to hear about something interesting,” and then share it, without needing to know the context of the conversation or the context for the person.

I also like that it’s very easy to understand.

And the last thing that I love is that the people that are most involved in the creation of the app are people who are actually involved in that experience.

The people who actually create the experience, that make the actual decision to make the app, are people like myself, and that’s just the way that we want to be.

When I’m building a product, it’s really important to me that it can be used for a good cause.

And if I can do that, then I think I have a really good chance of succeeding.

And this is the reason why I’m so excited about Snapchat.

I’m really excited to see how it will be used by people around the globe.

The problem is that we’ve been using Snapchat for so long that people just don’t know what it is, what its value proposition is.

And we don’t really understand it very well.

So when people are talking about Snapchat, the best advice that I would give them is to read about Snapchat.

They’re actually a very interesting and important platform, and a really interesting platform for Snapchat, and they’re really not used very often, because the people who create it don’t want people to know that they’re working on this platform.

So they’re just building it as they go along.

And then they’ve just been really focused on the technology behind it, and not so much the people.

And what they have done is they’ve taken that, put it into a kind of a business model, and then the people in charge of it, are not very happy.

So I think that’s a really bad idea.

The reason that I think Snapchat is such a great idea is because it’s just a platform that we use to build great products.

And there’s not a lot that people are building around that.

The next question is, can we use it to make great products?

And the answer to that is yes.

The answer to making great products is, you’re going to have to do something different.

And so the thing is, the way you create great products, is you’ve got to do things that are different than what people are used to.

That is to say you’ve been building a lot like Snapchat.

So you’ve used a lot the same features that people use to use Snapchat.

You’ve added the things that people used to add to Snapchat, like stickers, the new filters.

So if you’re creating a product with the same kind of technology that Snapchat is using, it will work. And