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Hosta Blue Angel is on course for a record-breaking year

Hosta Blue Angel is on course for a record-breaking year

In the early hours of Monday morning, hosta blue angels owner Paul MacKenzie and his team at Hosta, a host inn in the city of Port Adelaide, Australia, were surprised to receive a call from a journalist inquiring about the quality of their produce.

It was a surprise because the inn had been closed for more than three months.

“There was no sign of it at all,” Mr MacKynes said.

“When I rang to check, the phone rang and it was the owner of the phone.

It sounded like they had been through a major business dispute.”

The reporter informed him that the hosta had run into some financial difficulties and needed to sell their business.

“I said ‘are you sure it’s a genuine call from the host?’ and he said ‘yes’.” Mr MacKeynes said he then received a call back from the owner saying the call had been made to their office, and he was now aware that the inn was on a record as being the longest-running and most popular business in Australia.

Hosta’s owner PaulMacKenzie says it was a genuine and unexpected call from his staff that prompted a visit to the host.

“We had a good run last year, but it was due to some of the problems with the host, and we just hadn’t been able to keep up,” Mr McIntyre said.

The business owner had told him that if the restaurant continued to attract customers, it would be “a disaster”.

“I rang back and he just said ‘you’ve been doing great, it’s great, but you’ll have to sell.

We’ve got no business’,” Mr Mackynes said, adding that the restaurant was currently operating with “a very tight budget”.

The ABC contacted the host restaurant’s owner, Mr McIntrye, for comment.

“As the owner, I am not going to comment,” he said.

He said that it was not possible to comment on the story.

Host Agincourt, which opened in May 2017, had a long and loyal following.

The restaurant was the site of a popular music festival, with more than 30,000 people attending every year.

The inn, which closed in August 2017, also had a history of hosting a number of events including weddings, funerals and events.

“It’s been a great, long-running business,” Mr McKeynes explained.

Mr McIntyres management team has now decided to close Hosta once and for all. “

The business is down to its last straw, and it looks like we’re going to have to close for good.”

Mr McIntyres management team has now decided to close Hosta once and for all.

He says that the loss of a major client is devastating, but he has been forced to consider the fact that his business is no longer the biggest in Australia, which is “a really sad situation”.

The owner of Hosta Aginclare in Port Adelaide has told the ABC that it has no plans to reopen.

Photo: Supplied “We have to be really realistic, we have to have a budget, and to get a little bit more money for rent, for maintenance, for things like that,” he explained.

Host, the longest running and most frequented restaurant in the world, closed down in October 2017.

Photo : Facebook “We’ve had a pretty bad couple of years, but we’ve been pretty successful in a number for a number, we’ve had some really big, big success stories, and a couple of really big upsets and a few downfalls.”

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