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CNBC hosts ‘drowning’ in the sea of CNBC’s CNBC, CNN hosts on the topic of climate change

CNBC hosts ‘drowning’ in the sea of CNBC’s CNBC, CNN hosts on the topic of climate change

CNBC has had to cancel a series of “Inside Sources” interviews with top executives from top companies on climate change.

“Inside Source” hosts Scott Pelley and John Harwood took part in the three-part series last week, but were forced to pull the interviews after the network announced that they would no longer be appearing on the shows.

“The series is currently being edited out of the network’s schedule and the program is not being distributed in time for the first half of the new year,” CNBC said in a statement.

“We are taking these decisions in light of the evolving science of climate,” the statement added.

“This is a very serious issue, and we need to get our facts straight.

We have to be able to report the facts and present the facts to our audience, and not have this show hijacked for political purposes.”

CNBC had previously scheduled three interviews with the CEOs of oil and gas giants Chevron and ExxonMobil, along with a talk from climate change researcher John Bates of the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

The program was supposed to include a discussion of the threat of climate warming, and Harwood and Pelley discussed the dangers of the CO2-driven increase in sea level, which will likely occur if humans do not reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas. 

But the “Inside source” panel was replaced by two panels, one of which focused on “The Energy Gap” between energy companies and consumers, and one of a “Clean Energy Future.” 

“The energy gap is a significant issue and one that we all share, but there are important questions we have not been able to answer yet,” Harwood told the audience, as reported by The New York Times.

As we all know, if we do not act, there will be no one to build the nuclear plants, there won’t be enough nuclear energy to power the lights of the world, and there won

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