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Cupcake wars: The top five cupcakes wars

Cupcake wars: The top five cupcakes wars

A Cupcake Wars host and a baker are arguing about the “best cupcakes” on the market and the best cake is on the other side of the aisle.

Host Lisa Lichtman and baker Steve Fritsche debate who is the best cupcake maker and winner.

Cupcake Wars winner Steve Fritzes, of San Diego, talks with host Lisa Littman about her cake and what it takes to make the best Cupcake War cupcakes.

(1:34) Fritzes is a baker and Fritsch is a cake decorator and cake maker.

They’re competing in a competition to see who can make the cupcake that best fits their own cupcake tastes.

Fritsh says it’s not an easy task to choose the cupcakes because you have to keep all the other factors in mind.

“It takes time, you have the right ingredients, you know your cake, you’re going to have a few issues, and that’s it,” he said.

“If I have to pick between a great cupcake and a bad cupcake, I have a hard time with the bad cupcakes.”

Steve Frits says the only reason he’s won two Cupscake Wars is because of his cupcakes that he makes himself.

He’s also won a few others as well.

“The one thing that I like about my cupcakes is that they’re so delicious,” he explained.

“I’ve always loved to make cupcakes, and I just think that’s the most rewarding thing.”

Fritzsch said he’s been making cupcakes for 30 years.

He has two of the most popular flavors in his cupcake repertoire, including Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes and Cake Covered Cupcakes.

“They are a perfect combination,” he told Littmans.

“They’re really easy to make, and they’re not overly sweet, so you can enjoy the cup cakes with your coffee or tea, or have them in a cookie, or make them as a cake for breakfast.”

It’s perfect for an apple crisp.””

The icing is so soft, it’s the perfect texture for the cake.

It’s perfect for an apple crisp.”

Fritsch says his favorite thing about cupcakes are the texture.

“If you have a sweet tooth, you should try my cupcake frosting,” he shared.

“That’s one of my favorite things about cupcake icing.

You get a nice soft, fluffy icing, and it has such a nice consistency that you can put it on your cake.”

Fitzsch’s cupcake designs are inspired by his own cupcakes and baking history.

“In high school, I would take my own cup cake out of the fridge and bake it,” said Fritzsch.

“And I always had the same two-cupcake recipe.

It was like a two-cake recipe,” he continued.

“And then I would make a new recipe for my mom, and the one that I would bake would always be the same.”

That was kind of how my cup cakes were made.

So that’s how I started to start baking,” he added.

Fritzsche said he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

He said he still loves baking and loves cupcakes like they’re his favorite treat.”

To me, a cupcake is just a piece of cake.

You put it in the oven, you pour the frosting on it, and then you eat it,” Fritzsche explained.

Fitzsche said that he loves making cupcake cakes for a variety of reasons.

He can be seen at the bakery with his daughter, Hannah, and is also a chef and a wedding planner.

I say, ‘Yeah, I love cupcakes,’ and they say, Oh my God, I wish I could bake them for you,” he admitted.”

People come up to me and ask, ‘Do you like cupcakes?’

I say, ‘Yeah, I love cupcakes,’ and they say, Oh my God, I wish I could bake them for you,” he admitted.

Fritoes said he also enjoys making cup cakes for the fans.

“There’s always fans that come up and want to see me and try to eat my cup cake, and you know, it makes me happy,” he laughed.

Frazsch says he’s not really sure if his cup cakes will make it onto the show.

“We just have to see what the judges say,” he suggested.

“It’s not like we’re a show that is going to be like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna get you into the cup cupcake show,'” he said, laughing.

Frye’s Cupcake Host, Wendy Faye, is one of the judges in Cupcake Battles.

She has been making the Cupcake Crusades since 2002 and is currently the Cupcakes Host for ABC’s Cupcakes Live.

Wendy Faye makes Cupcakes for ABC Cupcakes LIVE and hosts a cupcakes challenge for all of

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