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How to make a ‘Star Wars’ themed glass cover for a new club

How to make a ‘Star Wars’ themed glass cover for a new club

A new club in the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, is getting some of the best attention in the world for its new glass covers for its newest club, the Star Wars: Club Club.

The design is inspired by the famous “pink glow of the moon” scene in “The Empire Strikes Back,” which features the same kind of dark, dark purple glow on the glass cover of a club.

The lights and colors are based on the same colors used in the film.

The club is named The Dark Side, and its owners are working with a glass art collective, Dark Side Glass, to create the covers for their new club.

As the lights and lights in the club change throughout the night, the light-up glass covers will change throughout all night, as well.

“It’s the best cover for the club,” says Nikita Jankovský, who created the covers, which are inspired by classic movies, such as “The Princess Bride.”

“It looks like the real thing, and it’s beautiful.”

It’s also a bit more expensive than other covers for the same club, but it has a limited lifetime of five, according to the club’s Facebook page.

The dark purple glass cover is the first one, but Jankovač is planning to produce more covers in the future.

And the lights, the red-and-white glass covers and the purple-and-“blue” covers are all being developed.

“There’s a lot of fun stuff in there, too,” she says.

The new covers are also being used to create a special glass plate that can hold up to 100 cups.

Jankovicč says she plans to add more covers and cups to the space in the coming months.

Jankač says the club is a great way to meet new people and to introduce them to the world of glass art.

The covers are a bit pricey, but the glass art project is a bit of a way for people to meet other people who are in the same craft.

“I think it’s great to have a club with a different look and to share it with others,” she said.

“And the fact that it’s a new concept means that we’re getting a lot more attention from the media.”

The new club is currently in the process of applying for a license for the project, and plans to have the first of the new covers ready by the end of February.

Jana Koleva is the news editor for Polygon.

You can reach her at [email protected]

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