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How to get rid of your old photos, says a new app

How to get rid of your old photos, says a new app

A new photo-sharing app that aims to make the process of sharing and storing photos easy for everyone is launching in India today.

The startup, Photo-Sharer, is an app that makes it simple to share photos, share video, and download video clips.

It also has a collection of photos and videos.

It has been designed to help people find what they are looking for without going through a lot of searching and filtering.

And, the company says, it is a way to help users to take photos in different ways.

Photo-Shower is currently available in India and is expected to launch in the US and the UK in the coming months.

The company said that the app is currently in beta, but has already helped a lot in India, especially in urban areas.

“The biggest challenge in the past few years has been the lack of digital tools to share and store photos,” the company said.

“This is why we wanted to create an easy way for everyone to share their photos, and create a platform for all the photographers and videographers to share with their followers.”

The company also said that it plans to add more countries soon, which could mean adding more photo sharing apps to the platform.

“We want to give a huge amount of power to photographers and video makers to make it easier for them to share images, videos and other content online,” the website said.

As well, PhotoSharer is also adding new features like photo filters, album art, and filters that can be applied to photos.

The photo-sharer app allows users to search for photos, add them to a collection, and add them in one click.

This allows users in India to share more photos with their friends.

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